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The City of Fredericton is notifying residents of a change to the Northside Community Recycling Bins, located at the Brookside Mall. Due to littering around the Brookside Mall bins, the City will be moving the bins from the Brookside Mall and consolidating this operation on City property to Willie O’Ree Place at 605 Cliffe St. This change will occur on September 26 and will result in a complete end to recycling drop off at Brookside Mall.

The Community Recycling Bins have led to over 500 tons of waste being diverted per year, making up 1/3 of the City’s yearly recycling volume. The success of these bins was made possible by the accommodation of the Brookside Mall for the past several years – a large thank you goes out to the members of their team for their continued help and hospitality.

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Service New Brunswick

FREDERICTON (GNB) – Service New Brunswick’s Fredericton centre will move to the Brookside Mall next summer.

“The new facility builds upon our commitment to provide high-quality, innovative services which meet the needs of our customers,” said Service New Brunswick Minister Mary Wilson. “The new centre will be an efficient space to allow an enhanced experience for customers.”

In March, Service New Brunswick issued a request for space in the city’s downtown core. No adequate locations were identified. As a result, the Brookside Mall was selected as it meets all requirements, including access to city transit and adequate parking.

The new space will be an extension to Service New Brunswick’s current Brookside Place office.

The centre’s move is still in the early planning stages. More details will be released as they become available.

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